Monday, November 13, 2006

Tara's lab

I finally got to see Tara's lab and office this past weekend! Her office is pretty boring; it's an empty desk save pictures of her three cats, but her lab was pretty cool.

It’s larger than I though it would be, but she shares it with several others. There were no smoking beakers full of blue or red liquid; there was no Vandergraff machine in the corner; and there were no caged rats.

But there were several fume hoods and microscopes and there were lots of containers with red liquid in them scattered around.

There were no radioactive materials in this fridge. I checked.

I got to watch Tara change the media on her corneas (explanation: Tara sliced up bits of eyeball and put the pieces in a little tray with liquid called media that makes the eye bits reproduce; if you ever need an extra eye, get Tara to grow you one).
After 45 minutes of changing media we (she) was done. We then went to the barn for the rest of the evening.

You know that scene in the Simpson’s opening credits where the radioactive bar lands in Homers shirt? Well, I think that must of happened to one of us because a) the radioactive material was probably laying on the counter (since it couldn’t be in the fridge) and b) our cats got into it when we got home


Carolyn said...

It is hard to believe that Soleil would get into things. She is such a nice cat. I bet it was Fez's influence.

The study looks great.

Anonymous said...

Pictures of Tara's three cats....hmmmm...where was Richard's picture? Just teasing...the lab looks neat..especially the cute girl at the microscope :) She may be blonde, but I "know" she's a smart cookie. You go girl :)