Wednesday, October 17, 2012


I was hoping I would have something more profound to say as I restart this thing, but this seems more interesting than what I have cooking in my head.

We had some nasty wind in the K-W region Sunday night / Monday morning. At 2:00am we woke up to a crash in our backyard. At first I thought it was the wheelbarrow falling over, but a quick peek by my wife showed something more significant.

Mind if I lay here?
This is part of a red maple in our backyard.It spans the entire width of the yard, all 50+ feet. The largest section has a diameter of about 16 inches. Thankfully it fell where it did; our shingles are less wood resistant than the ground.

A bit of carpenters glue and it'll be as good as new
I was able to borrow a chainsaw from a friend at work and Tara and I spent an hour on Tuesday cutting up the auxiliary branches. A dull balde, the impending darkness and the need to pick Spencer up from daycare put a halt to the cutting. I'm hoping the weather is good in Saturday so I can finish up the rest of it with a few friends.

Our neighbour is going to take the big pieces of wood. The rest will have to be disposed of in some other manner. Too bad I can't have a bonfire in the city :(

We'll be getting an arbourist to come take a look at the tree:

And that, along with Tara being at a conference in Oregon, and me trying our a new cider-braised pork shoulder recipe, is my weekly allotment of excitement. Yay.