Friday, September 04, 2009

The weekend where everything went wrong

We drove up to Tara's parents cottage last weekend for a little retreat. Just Tara, myself and Sarah, one of Tara's resident-mates. We had a grand 'ol time, but a number of things went quite wrong.

a. We got up to Arnstein (25 minutes from the cottage, 5 hours from home) when we realized we forgot the key to the cottage (and Tara's folks were in Ottawa).
b. After 15 minutes of calling, we got a hold of Tara's parents. Turns out they don't have a key hidden at the cottage and the only person around that would have a key is Steve the plumber. Steve is supposed to be putting a sink into the basement bathroom of the cottage. Tara's parents didn't have his number with them.
c. Steve the Plumber's phone was busy (we looked him up n the phonebook), but the nice people at the general store told us where he lived. We drove out of town looking for a "double driveway with a gray house on one side and an unfinished house on the other". Surprisingly we found the house.
d. Steve wasn't home, but his wife was (we never did get her name). She didn't know where he kept his keys for the cottages and houses, but told us we could find Steve by going back into town, turning at the gas station and looking for the green half-tonne. We drove back into town and, surprisingly, found Steve.
e. Steve didn't have the keys on him; they were back at the house. So we drove back to his house. Once there, he gave us a tupperware full of keys because the cottage key wasn't labeled. We had about 25 keys from different houses around the area in the container..
f. We drove to the cottage and, thankfully, one of the keys worked. We labeled it before returning it (another 20 minute drive back into town and the 20 minutes back to the cottage).
g. That afternoon we discovered that we left Fez's medication either at Tara's parents place (where we spent the previous night) or at the mechanics where we dropped our car off that morning for an inspection. We called Tara's mom who gave us the phone number of Marcel, a neighbor of Tara's parents. We called Marcel who graciously went over to see if we left the medication at the house. Thankfully we did. Tara's parents brought it to us the next day after coming home from Ottawa.
h. After a wonderful time at the cottage, we drove into North Bay on Monday to pick up our car, and then home stopping in Trout Creek to see Tara's grandmother. When we got to Guelph to drop Sarah off, she realized that she had forgotten her house key and nobody was home!
i. Sarah called her fiancee to see if he was around. He was at a local resturant and came to the house fairly soon after. He was all worried because he thought we were supposed to be home Sunday night and not Monday. He didn't even have the cottage number to call us! He looked quite relieved to see us.

So that was our crazy weekend. Even with all that we had a great time - mostly just relaxing and reading and eating (recipes to follow!).