Friday, November 03, 2006

No Mr. Bond, I expect you to die

If I was filthy rich and had nothing better to spend my money on I would fly to London in December; The James Bond guns are up for auction!

From the article:

JAMES Bond's guns are going under the hammer at Christie's. The weapon which Sean Connery wielded in 1962 film Dr No is the star lot and is expected to fetch up to £25,000 ($61,705).

Other guns up for auction include Roger Moore's Walther PPK from For Your Eyes Only, which carries an estimate of up to £12,000. ($29,618).

The model from 2002 film Die Another Day is expected to sell for up to £7000. ($17,277) Timothy Dalton's WA2000 sniper rifle from The Living Daylights has a price tag of up to £6000 ($14,809).

Other lots include Bond girl Halle Berry's Beretta Cheetah handgun from Die Another Day (£5000 - £7000 ($17,277 - $12,341), the midget Nick-Nack's Derringer from The Man With The Golden Gun (£3000 - £5000 ($7404 - $12,341) and Tanaka's Gyro Jet gun from You Only Live Twice (£3000 - £5000 ($7404 - $12,341).

How cool would it be to have those guns! I'm not a gun fanatic by any stretch of the imagination but having those in a display case in the house, to pull out and pretend you're a covert agent when no one is around would be incredible.

Alas, I won't be going to London and I won't be buying those guns. I don't have £61k just laying around.

But I'll still pretend to be Bond when no one is looking...

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