Sunday, November 05, 2006

Nothing better for a Sunday afternoon...

There really isn't anything better then spending a warm fall Sunday afternoon raking up leaves. Sure I'd rather just sit outside, but if you are going enjoy the shade in the summer, ya gotta enjoy the raking in the fall. Besides, it was warm out (10°C), the sun was kinda shining and I had a coffee. Plus we have those really cool big leaf rakes, the kind that are one big piece of plastic (way better than the little metal rakes I grew up with). And to top it all off, both Tara and I were out - it is so much nicer to work with someone else - that job goes more than twice as quickly.

This was the second raking of the year; it didn't take us too long to do the backyard (a couple of hours between the two of us). There might be a third raking if the weather stays nice; but we might just let them compost the yard.

I've been considering getting a leaf blower. Ya they are loud and noisy, but there are areas that are hard to rake (gardens, over rocks). I'd still use the rake for most of the work - there is something peaceful and relaxing about moving leaves into a pile.

We do get to rake our leaves to the curb in our new place; we couldn't in our old place because we lived in too much of main road. We pilled the leaves onto a tarp and dragged it to curb. Four loads later and the back yard was done.

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