Monday, November 20, 2006

Just me?

Is it just me or did the Christmas season come earlier this year?
  • Christmas music playing in stores
  • People turning on their Christmas lights
  • Store fliers selling fake Christmas trees
  • Signs up for cut-your-own Christmas tree
  • Christmas parades happening
People - what's going on? December is still days away! Have we gone mad?


greg said...

Actually Richard I think you did quite well. Noticing Christmas commercialism on ~19th of November is well within the realm of feasibility. My first experience this year was a full sized winter Christmas scene at a Home Sense store...on...the...29th...of...October. You are the lucky one.

Richard Siemens said...

I can kinda forgive Home Sense I guess - it's a store about decorations. But my friends Darren and Hannah said that home Depot had Christmas displays one several weeks ago. That's insane.

We are letting companies take over this wonderful holiday but I'm not sure there is anything we can do to stop them...

Laura B said...


I have to agree with you. The commercialism of Christmas can be discouraging at times. I had alot of fun at the Santa Claus parade, but probably 90% of the floats (not counting the marching bands) were trying to sell you something. It made me sad.

But the spirit of the season was there, everyone was smiling and wishing one another Merry Christmas. I guess as long as we don't let the spirit die, who cares what the companies do?