Monday, June 25, 2007

Baskets overflowing

We've been in our house for a full year now. One morning about a year ago, we went to pick cherries off our cherry tree only to discover that the black birds had eaten them all. We had seen the birds in the trees but we though they would, in their kindness, leave some for us humble new house owners. They did not and I shook my fist at them.

This year I think we have an ally. A chipmunk. I have sen him scare off sparrows and robins. I can only speculate that he has kept the black birds away this year because we have a bumper crop (relative to last year). We've seen him up the tree, stuffing cherries in his mouth. Chipmunk - if you have a computer in the hole you have dug in our front yard and you are reading this, thank you (and stop digging holes).
Cherry Thief 1 Cherry Thief 2

We spend a good three hours on Sunday afternoon picking cherries. With a borrowed ladder we were able to get about half up to the top of the tree (yes it needs to be pruned). The weather was amazing - warm and sunny with a nice breeze, we took turns picking and laying on the hammock. If you told me that there was a better way to spend a Sunday afternoon, I am not sure I would believe you.
Cherry Picker 2 Cherry Picker 3 Cherry Picker 1

At the end of the day we ended up with 2 full 7 litre baskets of cherries. And there is more yet to be picked (if we can find the time).
Fruit of our labour 1


Anonymous said...

Richard...picking cherries was part of my summers as a youth. We had great fun! At the start of the season we ate almost as much as we picked but after a few days of doing that the novelty wore off and of course there were "physiological reasons" why we stopped eating so many cherries :) As for your "chippy" ... well be ready to see little cherry trees popping up next year in odd places where she or he deposited the pits! I'm surprised though that the chippy could keep away the birds. Anyway, great for him and don't forget to bring your mother-in-law some fresh cherries :) Talk to you soon...luv Linda.

Carolyn said...

What are you planning on doing with all of the cherries? I hope your cooking projects include at least one dessert.