Friday, July 06, 2007

Just busy

I'm alive and kicking but the past few weeks have been busy so no posts. I'm still rather busy so I'll keep this one short.

This week we started painting our bedroom. A nice shade of blue. I like to think of it as sky blue, but the real name of the colour is something more esoteric: 'summer mist'. The ceiling and walls have been painted and the first coat is on the trim. One more coat on the trim and a few touch-ups and we can get that room back to normal (and put up our new bed frame). I don't have any before pictures, but I'll post an after one when it's done.

Last weekend we were up in North Bay. It was a great weekend. There was fireworks and cake and fresh fish and cake and friends and cake (yes you read that right - three cakes for three dinner meals). I also got to see where Tara's parents cottage used to be (they are building a new one). Here are some pictures (there are a few pictures of the weekend on my flickr account).

Before the weekend, we also picked up a macro lens (105mm nikkor Micro). Tara will be using this as part of her residency to take photos of eyes for her case study. Of course I had to try it out first this weekend. Here are a few good shots.

Wee moth Lily 1 TMNT Hemaris thysbe

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