Monday, July 16, 2007

Wedding details and photos

Some you have asked how the wedding went. The answer: splendidly, if a bit stressful. But really - what weddings aren't stressful.

Tara and I got to the church a bit early so I took a few shots before I had to get into my tux. The church was right on the edge of a gorge, but there were too many trees to get a good picture down below. Very disappointing.

The guests came and bride showed up (beautiful as always Vanessa!). The ceremony was great; nobody missed a cue, nobody objected, and nobody fainted. And just like that the two of them were married.

There were some extended family pictures at the church and then we went down to the waterfront for a bunch more. I didn't take too many as I needed to pose in the pictures, but Tara took a lot and man, does she ever have a good eye. I think we are going to have to get a camera for her :)

After pictures the reception. Great food, good music and speeches that weren't too long. Cutting of the cake and the first dance and all of a sudden it was midnight and the room was clearing out.

Yessiree - a good day.

A few of my shots:

Broken fence



And here are few that Tara shot.

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Vanessa said...

Hey Richard,

Nice picks! I should have hired Tara to do the photos ;)
Tim and I watched that biker video, you going to try that someday? Tim and I would be up for watching you do it ready with camera in hand!