Thursday, July 19, 2007

Mine field garden

Bit of a departure from my regular posts, but the following blog post has been percolating through my brain since I read it last week.

Alexander Trevi proposes that we turn mine fields into beautiful gardens / ecosystems that would be immune (at least partially) from human presence. Scientists are developing plants that turn colour when they are grown on mines and mushrooms that work away at the explosives, slowly rendering them harmless. Seeds/spores would be sprayed on or dropped from planes. Plant life would pop up and animal life would creep in. The quarantined area would turn into a garden, albeit a wild one. Eventually the area would become safe but in the mean time only the thrill seekers would enter, in turn creating a beautiful labyrinth of trails known to be safe.

I cringe at the thought of having mine fields in my country, near my city. I can't imagine the anxiety of knowing that even where I think it's safe to walk it's not. I can't imagine not being able to wander through the bush in Canada. I thank God for the blessing of not having to worry about land mines here.

I'll let you read it and let you form your own thoughts.
(image by madzoy)

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Chubby Little Limey said...

It would certainly make you think twice about doing the weeding.