Saturday, June 16, 2007

New Helmet

New Helmet

Ok - who here knows what this is? Anyone?

It's a helmet. It's made by Tipperary and it's for people who ride horses. It's purpose is, in the event of a unintended dismount, to keep the brain intact by preventing the head from getting smashed, crushed, trodden or compacted.

And it works. Tara knows first hand.

Friday night I was sitting at home after a wonderful round of golf, eating my oktoberfest sausage, a baked potato and a cheese string (bachelor food on a Friday). I was relaxing, just waiting for Tara to come back from the barn. At 6:30 got a call from my lovely telling me that she just been thrown from Lego and that she is headed to the hospital. She tells me that I need to come.

Now I knew this day would come. I've heard the stories, including some from Tara, and seen pictures of people 'dismounting' (1 2 3 4). I was ready for this day. I didn't panic - I just called a couple of friends and asked them for a lift to Guelph to search for the Guelph General Hospital and there within, Tara.

We got there and I was allowed to go see Tara. She was fine but sore and shaken up. No blood on her face and no turf in her hair. The good doctor examined her, poked and prodded, looked into her eyes and ears and took her for radiographs (X-rays). They also gave her some demerol for the pain. Turns out that nothing was broken and she didn't need to stay overnight.

Today has been spent taking things slowly, getting the car from the barn and buying a new helmet (these helmets are only good for one good fall, just like a bike helmet). We are very thankful that she is ok and that the horse is ok. We are also very thankful for friends who came through for us in a pinch - I don't know what we would have done without you! (Wes and Ruth, Steve and Deb, and Darren and Hannah)

Hopefully this is the last fall for a while but something tells me that this helmet won't be replaced because it got too old...

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George said...

Oh my, thank goodness that Tara is ok. It always pays to be prepared for the worst, and we're all glad that Tara was property equipped.