Sunday, May 06, 2007

Riding at last

It was a crazy busy weekend. Tara's parents were down and we cleaned out the rental house in Waterloo. It was a couple of days of lifting and scrubbing and packing and sorting and fixing.

We did find time to head to George and Carolyn's house for a house warming party (even though it was colder outside than we though it would be).

Before that we were at the barn and Tara got on Lego for the first time. It went pretty well - Tara didn't get thrown off at all (colour me surprised). I took a few pictures - enjoy.

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Anonymous said...

Richard & Tara: Nice pictures...Tara you look great on Lego :) We look forward to coming to see how he's progressing in a month or so. Thanks again for all your help this weekend :) luv mom and dad.