Sunday, May 20, 2007


I wandered around the Woodland cemetery yesterday. I got there just in time for the clouds to cover up the sun :( . I took a few pictures anyways.

Old Cemetary building
This one has severely been retouched. I removed a garbage can from the center of it. Good thing I'm not a photojournalist.

Cherub with broken wing
This one is my favorite from the day

I've also updated my flickr account with some old photos (taken with my trusty Canon Powershot 410).

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Anonymous said...

Richard: Woodlands Cemetary is where my gramma and grampa are buried. My grampa is buried in the "soldiers plots" where there are rows and rows of white crosses. His name was Ernest Swire, if you're ever there again. Mind you it would take a "long time" to find his spot among the hundreds of white crosses. Anyway, it's a beautiful place. Have a great day...luv Linda