Monday, April 30, 2007

Still playing with my new toy

I'm still pretty enamored with my new camera. I've taken a bunch more pictures since the last post. Below are some of my favorites.

I'll get back to making good food soon. I just haven't felt the urge to make anything new and/or exciting lately. I'm hoping that will change with the new fresh produce that should be popping up on the grocery stores soon. Chicken Empanadas are high on my list for making in the near future when I have a afternoon to myself.

I created a flickr account. If you aren't bored to death with the pictures here, pop over to the my flickr page for a few more (and, as always, comments are always welcome).

A solitary tree in the middle of the Grand River's flood plain. There is a bird up near the top. I wasn't really impressed with the picture until I desaturated it - now i really like it.

This is a wood duck (I think) running across the water trying to take flight. I got to close for it's comfort zone I guess. It really ran across the water - you can see the splashes where it's feet were. Less than a second later it was soaring. (The photo is cropped pretty tightly - I need a longer telephoto).

This is Lego at the end of a lunge line with a surcingle on. Tara is on the other end, but you can't see her. I really like the blurring on this photo - it conveys the movement that a sharp picture wouldn't.

Tara and Lego at dusk after a hard workout by both of them.


George said...

It's amazing what some minor post-processing can do. I really like the B&W, as it brings the tree to the forefront of the image. The wispy clouds add some more texture to the image. And that bird is one of those oft-overlooked elements that really can complete a picture; for me it's extra emphasis on the theme of solitude. I've set this photo as my desktop.

The bird in flight photo is amazingly sharp, at least from a non-zoomed viewpoint. Very impressive. Considering that this bird was moving so quickly, you really captured it well. As cool as it would have been to get it with a telephoto, it would have been so much more difficult to get that shot, if you think of the much narrower FOV and that the lens would likely be slower. Unless you bought one of those $10,000 telephotos... and then I'd be borrowing YOUR lenses :)

The third photo does convey a lot of movement; well done. Were you practicing your panning technique? The trick will be getting one part of the subject in focus. I've never been able to do this, but I think you will have plenty of opportunities to try it.

Finally, I like how Lego is almost popping out of the last picture; lots of depth in the photo.

Richard Siemens said...

Wow - thanks for the complements - I'm practically blushing...

I'm really happy with the tree. Perhaps I'll get it printed and stick it in a frame.

The third picture was taken as Lego ran by. I wasn't trying to pan as I took it, it just happened and the results are nice. I have a few other ones of him running by that don't look good at all.