Sunday, April 15, 2007

Grand photos

Quick post. I was planning on getting up with the sunrise yesterday to take some pictures. I even scoped out my location (on top of Chicopee hill). But when morning came, I wasn't all that awake and I had had a poor nights sleep. So I skipped out on the sunrise.

A few hours later, I biked down to the Grand. It was sunny when I left, but by the time I got there the clouds had rolled in and it was a bit hazy. I stuck around for a couple of hours anyways and took a bunch of pictures. I've distilled the the best and posted them here. As always - comments welcome.

Hopefully this next week will bring better lighting. Who knows - I might even wake up at 6:00 and shoot the sunrise.


Snides said...

I like them all, but really like the sepia coloured one of the trees. Good work!

By the way, Steve & I had a wonderful breakfast at Cora's on Saturday morning. Thanks for the recommend.

George said...

You made the best out of an overcast day. I have to agree that I like the sepia photograph the best... you really lead the viewer's eye into the scene.