Monday, April 16, 2007


Small items that can't support a full post but in total add up to something worth posting...

I have the best wife and mother-in-law a guy could ask for. I got an early birthday/anniversary gift: a Kitchen Aid stand mixer (Accolade 400). I have already made bread, pizza dough and pasta dough in it. I was going to make biscotti tonight, but I ran out of time. Perhaps tomorrow.

If you want to know what Tara will do at the end of her schooling, click here (youtube link). It's by a ophthalmologist that Tara knows and who does the occasional lecture at OVC. I watched and understood about 20% of it. It's a well done video. If you are squeamish about eyes, you might want to grab a gravol before watching it (or skip in entirely)

It turns out that Tara's Lumix wasn't all that good at taking pictures of eyes in a clinical setting. I tried, Tara tried, her adviser tried but all the camera wanted to do was focus on the reflection in the eye. Now she has a Canon Powershot A630. I'll let you know how it goes. It's too bad - the Lumix took amazing non-eye pictures.

My wonderful Uncle-and-Aunt-in-laws gave us the best non-fresh-roasted coffee I have ever had: Zambia Terranova Estate (by Starbucks). I'm not normally a fan of Starbucks coffee; I went through the full city roasting phase and I'm into lighter roasts now. This coffee, however, is amazing. Hints of chocolate and berries - I know that sounds crazy to those who don't drink coffee, but it true. If you can find yourself a box and you like good coffee - snatch it up. Thanks Ken and Sue! (Sad sad story - I spilled my two-cup mug full of a fresh brew today as I was rushing out the door. The whole mug - gone).

These items are on my list of food to make. If you get to make one of them before me, let me know how it goes: Choconana bites with dulce de leche, Honey Buttermilk Bread, Vinegar, and Stuffed Mushrooms.

Rats. Now I'm hungry...


George said...

You're really putting that lightbox to good use! I assume you took the mixer photo against a black blackdrop? Marvelously done. Oh, and if you do happen to make the choconana bites with dulce de leche, I am willing to try out your test batch :P

Richard Siemens said...

The Kitchen Aid photo was taken in a darkish dining room with a single 100W bulb at about 45° and diffused with a paper towel. No black backdrop. 46mm, 1/125s, f/4.5, ISO200.

It's one of my favorite photos from my new camera.

The coffee box is as large of an object as the lightbox can handle... I think I need to make a bigger one.