Sunday, June 01, 2008

She gets beautifuler and then she leaves

My amazing wife has a new hair cut and colour. It looks pretty darn hot to me. she got this done Friday night.

I just got back from the airport. I dropped her off for a three week course in Madison Wisconsin. I'm home alone for the better part of a month.

So my wife gets even better looking and then leaves. How fair is that? To even up the score, I just bought a bag of Lays Sea Salt and Pepper chips. Tara can't have those because the have MSG. Now we're even.


Snides said...

Aw, she IS beautiful! Hope the potato chips were good :).

the Doug said...

Dude, I hope you bought like 30 bags of those chips... cuz if not... there's no way you're even close to be even.

I'm just sayin...

g-ram said...

Oh Richard... i just erased my first message - ARGH. now i have to re-qrite!

Haha, i have always been fond of you and it is so nice to read and see where your life has taken you. Your wife certainly is beautiful, but i wonder if i did my hair like that if it would do ANYTHING to me? hahah. Keep enjoying the chips, i had NO IDEA they had MSG in them!

Have a great week... you have made me smile!
I am on facebook!!

Cheers, Sheryl and her little family