Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Double plus good

Two items of good news today. Well one good news and one really good news.

1. I got my camera back and everything is working. It took 4 weeks, but it came back working. My contact at Blacks (Ian) said that they replaced an SB circuit (which seems to be involved with the self-timer) but the guy at the store said they replaced the flash bulbs in both the popup and the flash. It doesn't really matter I guess a long as it works and stays working.

So all told, my camera was gone for 10.5 weeks in three separate 'outings'. Not a great record, but I hold no grudge.

2. I am officially a published photographer. I've been sitting on this news for a while because it seemed a little surreal, but it looks like it's real real.

I have a photo up in the American Museum of Natural History in New York, New York. It's in a exhibit on horses called "The Horse" and is centered around how horses have shaped our world. The exhibit is on until January and then it tours the world.

The photo is one I took at a dressage show last summer. It's a decent photo - I wish the background was cleaner and I had been a bit more to the right, but I like it. I was approached by José Ramos, a Graphics Research Supervisor for the museum; he saw my photo on flickr and sent me an email about it.

It seemed like a hoax at first, but the AMNH did exist, they did have an exhibit on horses coming soon and his name came up in the internal search a fair amount. He didn't want any of my information, just a copy of the photo and details of when and where it was taken. I decided to take a chance and go with it.

That was early April. Today I got a couple of photos of the panel that contains my photo. It's kinda crazy, but this is real. I have a photograph in a real museum.

Tara has a conference in Boston in the fall. If we can swing it, I may take some time off work and we'll drive down to the conference and and stop off at the museum on the way back.

If any of you are going to New York you should stop in and take some photos for me in case we don't make it.

Anyways I'm a happy camper these days (well, except for the fact that Tara's away at the moment).

Top row, second from the right. That's mine.


Tara said...

Richard - I am so proud of you and I do miss you!

the Doug said...

Totally rockin! I hope you are snapping all kinds of photos... I'm going crazy without my camera.

As far as being in a museum, that's insane. Big congrats, if I were closer, I'd so be taking you out for a milkshake...

Congrats man.

greg said...

Congratulations Rich, that is, well, awsome. *applauds*

Snides said...

That's amazing! Now I wish we were going to be in New York so we could see it "officially". I think that deserves at least one ice-cream cone at Marble Slab...should we go without Tara and then go again when she comes back? (You can tell two ice-cream cones are not a problem for me)

Richard Siemens said...

I have no trouble going for ice-cream twice :)