Saturday, April 19, 2008

Tack Locker

So I'm building a tack locker for Tara's birthday. Don't worry, it's not a surprise. It's coming along pretty well and Tara said I should post some photos of it. If anyone out there is interested, I can write down the rough plans I have in my head that have gone into this.

For those of you not part of the horse world, a tack locker is a cabinet/cupboard piece that horse people put the horse equipment in. It's like a tack box, but upright and larger.

This is the first draft. When I'm older and I have an extra $1000, I'd like to make another one out of a nice hardwood. Cherry perhaps as it reacts nicely to the ammonia in horse barns. Or a nice walnut. Until then, this will have to do. Plus it gives me time to hone my woodworking skills.

The locker is about half done. I'm soon adding a top shelf, plus the doors and sides. I'll also put that drawer that slides in the bottom (but for now Tara will use rubber maids down there). The saddle racks are adjustable height-wise to maximize space usage and flexibility.

Sorry for the poor quality photos - I wasn't planning on showing them to anyone except Tara.

[update - see this for the completed locker]


George said...

That is so cool! When you're done, your next project is to (help) build shelves for my pantry! :)

Elfrieda said...

Good present!

{[Ç8£ïñ]} said...

How did you make this?? I need to build a tack box myself and have no idea where to start! I was on googaling tack trunks and found your pictures. It's amazing.

AuntieNone said...

This is a great piece of equipment. I have to build a locker of my own and was wondering if you have any plans or notes. I was Googling tack lockers and this is one of the best finds!