Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Photo Phix (foto fix?)

My camera is still in the shop (which reminds me, I should call for an update tomorrow), so I'm taking this time to observe other photographs to see what I like, what I dislike, what I can emulate and what inspires me. Here's a list of where I go

- User submitted photos from the web. A lot of it are duplicates from the web and there are a lot of landscapes there, but there are a good percentage of quality photos.

photo.net critique - The highest rated photos on photo.net. Often contains photoshopped stuff or just plain illustrations (not my cup of tea), but there is enough good stuff for me to check periodically. Warning - it does contain a fair amount of nudity, but you can filter out the nudes if you so desire.

Flickriver - Shows the top 500 most "interesting" photos on flickr for the day. Flickr's definition of interesting is, um, interesting, but ~20% of the photos there are worth more than a casual glance.

Strobist Pool - A Flickr group dedicated to off camera lighting, there are some really interesting technical shots here. See also Strobist's favorites - the best of the best according to a photographer I admire.

Nikon 50mm Pool - A Flickr group showing only photos taken with the Nikon 50mm 1.8. This lens is so amazing.

And if you have exhausted all of these, you can take a look at what I think are great photographs here - my list of flickr favorites. Chosen for their technical merit, creativity or just because I like them - these are my inspiration (photography-wise anyways - I've got plenty of other inspiration in my life beyond other people's photographs)

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the Doug said...

You may also want to try


It delves into the flickr pond too...
Maybe I'll make a series of posts on photo links...