Sunday, March 09, 2008

What a winter

This is the plow that went by, blocking us in.For the third time this season, we had to skip church because of the weather.

The first service was canceled. The roads were not plowed in time for us to make it to the second service. The main roads were probably ok, but we saw a couple of cars get stuck on our street last night and there was even more snow on the ground in the morning. Then the plow came and we spent 45 minutes clearing the windrow. We are happy for the plough, but it does create more work for us. About 75% of the way through cleaning the windrow, the plough came by again, sealing our non-church attending fate. It's a good thing Creekside puts out the sermons on podcasts; we'll catch up on it later this week.

Tara and I Saturday afternoon. The banks are now over our heads.We've had a heck of a snowy winter. The UW weather station people say that with the last snowfall (37.5cm) we have broken the seasonal snowfall record of 245 cm. And I'm willing to wager we haven't seen the last of the falling snowflakes for the year.

The skies are sunny now but that doesn't hide the fact that we've shoveled 3 times in the past 24 hours. While it is a good source of exercise and of spousal bonding, I wouldn't mind if it was the last dump of snow we get for the year. The snow banks are higher than we are; there is no room for more snow.


Carolyn said...

It sounds like you might be complaining about the shoveling, but I have not seen a pair of happier shovellers!

Richard Siemens said...

No no no, I'm not complaining, per se. I'm just letting people know I 'm waiting for the snow to end.

Tara and I do have a good time shoveling snow together. It's exercise we both like to do together. Well, "like" may be a bit strong, but we do it together and that's what counts, right?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I hear you. We got half a metre of snow this weekend. We can no longer see the (normal height) patio table in our back yard. The wind blew the snow fairly flat, so it's like it was never there. Fortunately for me, we only own one shovel - and I'm not the one who gets to use it :)


Anonymous said...

It's interesting...when Dave and I moved to North Bay everyone said, "You can have all that cold and snow but we'll take the south any day!" Hm..m..m.m I think us "Northerners" are the ones getting the great weather now! Not too much snow; white and fluffy when it comes; and lots of sunny days :) Maybe you Southerners who are tired of shovelling or battling ice storms should think of moving to the beautiful North! Have a great day...Linda.