Thursday, September 28, 2006


It's Pomegranate season!

All of you who have never tried a pomegranate stop reading this now, go to your local grocers and pick up a pomegranate. Look for one that is hard and feels dense. You should be able to get it for two or three bucks. Bring it home and score it around the circumference with a knife. Use your brute strength to crack that puppy open, pick out a seed or three and pop it into your mouth. Hmmmm.

I picked up a couple on the way home tonight to have with our trout (disappointing trout though - I should have picked up a tuna steak). I whipped up a salad of Romano leaves, pecans toasted with adobe chili pepper, roasted squash (from the other night) and pomegranate seeds. It was very good.

Pomegranate seeds go well on salads and fruit based desserts. I'm sure you could whip up a nice salad dressing with them. We just like to eat them, straight up. I'm thinking of attempting to make jelly out of them this fall if I can find a sale. That should be interesting.

So stop surfing and go shopping!

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