Saturday, September 09, 2006

OSAS Horse Show

Last weekend was spend getting ready for and going to the OSAS horse show. We didn’t know if the weather would cooperate for us, but it did and a good time was had by all.

Horse show preparation for the non-rider involves heading out to the barn the afternoon before to pretty up the horse. The order of operations is:
  1. Brush the horse
  2. Wash the horse
  3. Dry the horse
  4. Re-brush the horse
  5. Braid the long hair of the horse
  6. Clip the whiskers off the horse
  7. Spray the horse with showsheen
  8. Paint the hoofs
  9. Blanket and stall the horse
  10. Pray that the horse doesn’t roll in its own manure before you get back to the barn in the morning.
Of course, no show preparation is complete without first a trip to the tack shop. We went to the local one in town who hooked Tara up with all she needed (plus a saddle to try out).

The day of the event was overcast but the rain held off for the most part. Tara (and I) had a great time. King and Tara got two 5th places (walk/trot/cantor and hunter over X's) and a 1st place in walk/trot (her prize was a black bridle)! Results here.

Our good friends Darren and Hannah showed up for the last class Tara was in (X's). They had never seen a horse show before and I think they had a good time.

And now for some fun pictures…

King (and Tara) taking a bath What a big face you have!! Tara - ready to show them who's the boss What form! What grace! Who put the standarnd in the way?? My first place wife
My fifth place friend :)

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