Sunday, August 16, 2009

Wasp photos

I took down the wasps nest today (see post). It broke as it fell open and I grabbed a few photos.

AwakenCan you call it honeycomb when it was built by wasps?
Plugged upQ-Tips

Even though I sprayed the nest over two weeks ago, some of the wasp larvae were alive and starting to emerge from their cocoons. I don't know if they would have made it out with the residual pesticide and with no family members to take care of them. The nest also stank pretty bad - I should have taken it down right away I guess.

I don't really like wasps around but I have nothing against them living. If they didn't build their nest so close to my house I won't have bothered them at all. The nest opened up when it hit the patio and the inside was pretty interesting. I'm amazed at the structures that they built. Really quite awe-inspiring.


George said...

Awesome photos. It's amazing the sorts of creations they are capable of.

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures!, but nasty creatures.
Try inflating a brown paper bag where you have trouble with them (of course get rid of any existing nest first), then hang it where they want to build a nest or otherwise annoy you. Waalaaaa they go away!!!! Cheap and works great!