Tuesday, October 09, 2007


I've got too many things to be thankful for:

An amazing wife who isn't afraid to step out and pursue what she wants. Doing a residency is hard (harder than portrayed on TV) and doing one in conjunction with a PhD doubles that. She comes home tired but still manages to work around the house and look after me and doesn't mind that I'm a goof.

A wonderful family that keeps in touch even when I don't.

A great family-in-law that I get along with. From what I hear that isn't terribly common.

A good job that lets me do what I enjoy and pays me for finding things wrong with what they make.

A dedicated church with dedicated people that don't let me get by with just coasting.

A warm house that's big enough to entertain and sleep friends and family.

A little bit of culinary talent and a wife, friends, and family that don't mind being guinea's pigs.

A fun hobby that lets me capture moments so I don't forget them in 3 weeks (like I'm prone to do).

Too many thing to write down. I am truly blessed.

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