Thursday, October 04, 2007

On Explore

I try hard to not be one that toots his own horn, but I found out today that one of my Flickr photos has made it onto Flickr Explore. Flickr Explore is an algorithm that picks out photos that it thinks are worth looking at or otherwise exploring (hence the title).

I really shouldn't be proud that some computer algorithm picked this photograph, but it is kinda cool that out of the ½ million photos uploaded to Flickr every day, I'm in a slice 500 large. The photo is currently standing at #263 on October 2nd. I have no idea how long it will stay there - it has been fluctuating all day and only Flickr knows the algorithm. I suspect it will disappear before long.

I took the photo at Tara's last horse show of the season on Sunday. It was a great day.



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