Sunday, February 25, 2007

Fantasy over - the OC is no more

The last episode of the OC was this week. I was a regular viewer, right from the very beginning. It was my weekly dose of fantasy drama. It’ll be missed.

The OC had heroes and anti-heroes that resonated with people. The characters were close enough to ‘real’ people to be believable but the situations were contrived enough to be desirable. For example:

  • Ryan: Working class kid gets taken in by rich family, finds love, friendship and family.
  • Seth: Dork gets a cool friend, the popular girl he as had a crush on, becomes popular.
  • Sandy: Great relationship with kids, keeps family together, works for social justice.
    Kirsten: Executive in large company, daddy’s little girl, overcomes alcoholism.
  • Summer: Snobby rich kid who falls in love with dork and eventually redeems herself.
  • Marissa: Quintessential girl next door who needs saving by a bad boy. Her death scene will be in my mind for a long time…

See, something for everyone.

In addition to the cast and plots, the soundtrack to the OC was great. Filled with (mostly) great indie tracks, the music never disappointed. Six soundtrack CDs were released, each of them great (save the Christmas special CD). Over the 4 seasons some 600 tracks were played; if I had a spare $600, I would pick them all up from iTunes.

This last season had an uneven cadence and it seemed to lack direction, accentuated in the finale. Regardless, the OC was an hour a week I could pretend the sun was always shining, my pockets were never empty and there was always a pretty girl that needed saving. The OC will be missed.

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Laura B said...


I still find it so cute that you like the OC. :P I'm sorry to hear that it's over, are there CD box sets of the show? Maybe you could buy them and happily reminisce every thursday night.... :P