Monday, January 29, 2007

Getting ready for our trip out west

Some of you know that we are going to Calgary for a week in March to see some friends and to tour the city. Tara and I have never been that far west and we are looking forward to it - quite a bit actually.
This is my Double Black Diamond face, before the casts and braces
This is my "Double Black Diamond" face, before the casts and braces
Calgary seems to be growing in leaps and bounds. Lots of high-tech jobs springing up there (don't worry I won't be looking) and there is a new vet collage opening in 2007. From all accounts, it seems like a happening place - a great destination to go for vacation.

Of course, what winter trip to Alberta could be complete without a little skiing? Well for Tara at least. She skied a lot in high school - and was even on the schools racing team. Tara loves to ski. Me not so much. I went with friends a couple of times in high school and I did a week of lessons when I was in grade 7, but not a bit since. When in Rome...

We are planning to do a bit of skiing close to Calgary and perhaps a couple of days in the BC interior. I didn't have any ski clothes or equipment so we started getting me outfitted this weekend. So far I've got pants, a jacket, a helmet and gloves. I just need a pair of goggles that don't smack up against my glasses and a preppy ski attitude and I'll be all set. Well, except for the whole not-skiing-in -12-years part. It's like like riding a bike though, right? You never forget how to wipe out, lose all you equipment and walk half way up the freaking hill to collect it all. That's why I got a helmet. Oh ya, this should be fun....


greg said...

To save you time on those arduous climbs up the hill, which I do believe is the wrong direction for most winter recreational activities, may I suggest you try a snowboard instead? I'm told if you fall the board stays with you, therefore you'll only need to collect the limbs you may have misplaced during your face plant.

Seriously though, much like you, I've not been "on the hill" in quite some time. My brother however has been. He tried boarding and swears he'll never go back to skies again. Just another option. Thought I'd toss it out there for you.

Richard Siemens said...

Hey Greg,

I'd love to try snowboarding but there are a couple of obstacles

a) Tara doesn't and won't, so if I do then we need to find slopes we can both go down. I have no idea how hard that would be.

b) Tara grew up in ski culture (racing giant and regular slalom) where the boarders were the outcasts, the 'punks' of the hill if I may. If I, her husband, started to get serious about snowboarding then she will have married a boarder. I love her too much to do that :)

However... the resort we may be going to is close enough to the slopes that we can ski there AND the son of the friends we are staying with snowboards. So I might try to convince him to give me a quick lesson and some pointers and I may just give it a try. If it works out that all I have to do is convince Tara that her skiing and me snowboarding is better then her skiing and me chalet-ing (yes, I just verbed chalet)

Laura B said...

Hey Richard,
I love the outfit, it looks great! I'm really glad to see you got a helmet, SO important to protect your noggin'. :P But really, I'm sure you will have a great time!

I think you'd like snowboarding, but be prepared, there is a fair amount of falling involved, so if you do try it out, I have 2 suggestions:

1. Wear some wrist guards if you can get your hands on some or else make sure you drop and roll (don't land on your hands)
2. Try and see if you can get a bit more than a few pointers from their son - it might be worth getting a lesson - the learning curve for snowboarding's a little steep.

Either way, hope you have a blast!

Richard Siemens said...

Thanks for the advice Laura. Do you think my rollerblade wrist guards would work if they fit under by gloves? I also have knee pads (I'm a cautious blader) - should I bring them as well?

I'm not planning on spending a lot of time on a board - just goofing around to see if it would be something I enjoy.

Oh - and I never intended to associate you or Tim as punks. I have no problems with boarders....

Laura B said...


The rollerblading wrist guards will likely work very well, as long as they fit under your gloves. As for knee pads, there's no harm in using them. I won't lie, I have used knee padding in the past boarding as well.

Even if you are just goofing around, better to be a little cautious. I hope you really enjoy it! :)

Anonymous said...

I think staying on level ground sounds good!! I'm quite happy to leave soaring the heights for the birds..... but I do hope you'll both have lots of fun...and I "will" be praying for both of you to "remain safe" and "all in one piece". luv you