Thursday, January 25, 2007

Bits and pieces

I've got the low sunlight melancholies; no energy when I get home, no desire to do much beyond watching TV, surfing the net and sleeping. Perhaps a mild dose of SAD, perhaps just a bout of the blues, who knows?

A few miscellaneous snippets, nothing warranting a full blown post.
  • I haven't done anything worth blogging about culinary-wise lately, but I did make a mean sticky toffee pudding the other night. Pudding in the English sense: a moist cakey dessert covered in a sticky toffee sauce. So very very good (but not terribly healthy)
  • It has finally gotten cold here and I love it. No more hovering around zero with moist, heavy, damp air. Now it's clear and bright and crisp and cold. It's great! If you put on your long johns and keep moving, the cold isn't a problem. I am looking forward to the weekend; perhaps I can go for a walk or maybe even a bike ride with Tara and King.
  • I got a table saw for Christmas and it is set up and sitting in the garage. I am very excited about using it, but I don't know what to build first. Any suggestions?
  • I've become addicted to two new shows (for me at least): The Office and 24. The Office has this amazing dry humour that puts me in stitches. And 24 has so much suspense and drama I can't not watch. I'm a sucker. Add that to House and the occasional CSI (original) and my TV week is complete.
  • Tara's family is going to be at our place tomorrow for dinner and an evening of laughter and fun. We've started to thaw a nice ham, but I don't know what else to serve. Perhaps scalloped potatoes, corn, fried mushrooms, a nice salad, some sort of dessert. If you read this before 5:00 Friday (the 26th) and you have a suggestion, leave a comment.
That's it. I hope people are still reading this stuff.

[Update - Jan 27]
The dinner with Tara's family consisted of: baked ham with a maple-mustard glaze, baked leeks au gratin (bit hit), green beans, mashed sweet potato, and creme brulee for dessert. It was all very very good.

I forgot one important TV show that I never miss: The OC. I'm a quite sad that Fox has decided to cancel it (even though it has gone down hill now that Marisa is gone).

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Snides said...

Not only do I still read it, but I added your blog to my Google Reader subscription, so it comes to me. Yes, I AM lazy, why do you ask?

The pudding looks wonderful, but the bike ride in this cold weather sounds horrendous. I think I'll just stick a log in the fireplace this weekend instead.