Tuesday, October 10, 2006

We just came back from a extended long weekend with my folks who are now living with Julie and Peter. It was a good weekend, but a hard one. But instead of spilling my guts out and getting all emotional (done too much of that recently), I'll talk about mainly unimportant things.

For those who are worried, both my mom and dad are as doing as fine as can be expected. It will take a while to get used to their new life - trips to the hospital, living with family, and eating things other than fish, croissants and grapes. Prayers are still needed though - they aren't anywhere close to being out of the woods yet - but they have found the metaphorical stream by which they can rest a little.

Julie and Peter's new patio is amazing. If we ever decide to build one, I can only hope it looks half as nice.

I made quiche for the first time in a long long time (probably only the second time making it). It turned out well. It's quite like a frittata; a staple in our house - but it takes longer to bake because the egg isn't put into a hot skillet.

Due to the new dietary restrictions, there was 3 pies made for 7 people on Sunday. Never can have too many pies.

We visited Greg's new place - quite nice. Good location, great choices in upgrades and the perfect size.

We also visited Aunt Nan and Brie out in South Mountain. A good time was had by all.

We picked up some linen at a Third World Bazaar outside of Manotick.

Tara discovered she loves a London Fog. I whipped up a vanilla simple syrup after we got home and it seems to work quite well.

The weather this weekend was nearly perfect - warm, sunny and a bit breezy. The air was filled with the wonderful smell of fall - leaves decomposing. Several walks were taken. One of then went by this demon dog on the left(whom I'm sure is very friendly).

Cucumbers can grow in the wild. The are prickly and not good for eating.

We are now back and we have to try to get onto life as best we know how. Too bad.

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