Saturday, October 28, 2006

Study Pics

Some of you have asked where the photos of the new study are. This morning we put the finishing touches on the furniture placement and this evening I took some snapshots. It looks a lot different with artificial light than with natural night, so I'm going to wait until the sun shines and snap another set.

We are really happy with how the colour turned out. We are still not sure if we like the doors (a pigment called 'lemongrass'), but that can be easily changed if need be.

We still have our cheap Ikea book case in here - we'd like to get something a little more classy. But with Tara in school again we'll have to wait until we find something classy and on sale. Or I could get off my butt and make one.

On second thought - let's wait for a sale.

[Updated - October 29th]
Here are the three pictures during the brief and sporadic sunlight today - I'm not sure if the colour change comes through or not but if nothing else they are nicer pictures than the ones above (and the screen doesn't glow quite as much during the day).

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Anonymous said...

The colour is nice (I liked the very dark green better) It will look really nice when you have the hardwood floors showing. Good work guys!! Luv me.