Sunday, May 02, 2010

Walking shoes

I had my first really nice experiance with Seamus yesterday morning. I took him out for a walk at 8:00 with a coffee in one hand, the dog leash in the other and a nice breeze blowing. It was nice going for a walk that early on a Saturday. For the first time this week I thought to myself "I could get used to having a dog around."

But of course for every yin there is a yang.  At 4:20 today we walked in on Seamus chewing holes through my work shoes. 4:20 on a Sunday. Not impressed at all.


Carolyn said...

I guess there are good things and bad things about having a dog. Of course if you like shopping then an excuse to buy shoes might be a good thing.

I have heard of friend's dogs who have eaten their Blackberry and a large section of dry wall. This is why I like to visit other people's dogs :)

Ryan said...

Don't forget the time where he trimmed our curtains to be about a foot shorter. Or the time he ate the cord of a floor lamp. Or any number of my (not Joy's) shoes.

He is much better now. I can't recall the last non-food item he ate.