Sunday, October 04, 2009


We put Fez down today.

It wasn't an easy choice but it was obvious. He hadn't been eating much lately, he hadn't be moving around much and he was getting sick to his stomach more and more frequently. We had done everything we could for him and further procedures would have only prolonged his discomfort for our sake. It was time to let go.

Fez was the youngest of our cats. He was another rescue from the Humane Society; scheduled to be put down the day Tara brought him home to 'foster' him. He quickly became a member of our family, bossing the other cats and owning the joint. He ate whatever was dropped on the floor often before he could tell what it was. He never learned to hiss. He frequently came to the door to greet you after a long day of work (although, that may just have been him wanting to be fed). Always a great photographers subject, I have over 200 photos of him at last count.

Goodbye Fez. You will be missed.


Carolyn said...

I'll sorry to hear about Fez. I will miss him too.

George said...

Fez probably had the most presence of any cat I know. He always loved to interact with you, whether by rubbing against your leg for a pet or playfully clawing your arm and biting your fingers (at least, I assume he was playing). Fez was a great cat and we will never forget him.

Julie O said...

We're going to miss him thumping around your house when we come to visit.

The "word verification" that I have to type to post the comment is "phomp". Fitting, I think.

Anonymous said...

Fez definitely was special. While his coordination was... shall we say "different" he was "dead on" when it came to winning hearts! We all loved him and will miss him. Luv mom and dad.