Sunday, July 19, 2009

Our Fez is sick

We got the news last week that our cat Fez is sick. Quite sick. He has intestinal cancer - large cell lymphoma. The doctors give him 6 months at most.

Fez is our most personable cats. He loves people and loves to be around us. He's clumsy and he eats anything. We love him. The next few months will be hard.

We are going to try chemo-for-cats. We are taking a middle of the road approach - not to aggressive, not to passive. Tara has started a blog to track his progress: Will my cat go bald?

There is a somber mood over our house. We are trying to enjoy all the time we have. That's good advice regardless of the health of your pets.

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Carolyn said...

Poor kitty! I am glad you guys are taking really good care of him. It isn't good to play favourites, but he is my favourite (of your cats) too.

I remember looking after the cats and having to make sure that they were in the basement when we left. George said, "You get Soleil and I will get this one. He is bitie." And sure enough Fez was on his back with his mouth open and all claws out wanting to play.