Friday, October 17, 2008

Boston - more than a cream pie

I'm in Boston for my first Conference tag-along. Tara has an veterinary ophthalmology conference here and I decided to tag along. I hope this is the first of many conferences that I get to come along with.

We arrived early Wednesday morning, flying in from Buffalo. The first thing we did after checking in was hit Legal Seafoods. It was recommended by three distinct people back in Kitchener and it didn't disappoint. If you are in Boston and enjoy seafood, I suggest checking it out.

After that we toured the New England Aquarium. It was pretty cool. Tonnes of fish (duh). I tried to take some photos, but most of them didn't turn out. A few that did are on flickr. I've got to learn how best to shoot fish through glass.

That was Wednesday, the only day I had with Tara. Thursday, Friday and Saturday she is stuck in the conference while I get to roam. And roam I did yesterday, taking in a good chunk of the city by foot. It really is a nice walking city. I took some photos, but the sky was pretty overcast and the lighting was really flat. Plus it started raining in the middle of the afternoon. With the rain I headed to the Public Library to see an exhibit on Yousuf Karsh. I had seen some of his work online, but it does not compare in the slightest to real prints. It almost makes me want to give up my dinky D70s and buy a large format camera. He truely is inspirational.

Today I am going to head to Harvard and see what I can see - it looks sunnier outside and a bit crisper (~12C); perfect for photos. But first I need to grab some breakfast. Ah life married to an opthamologist is tough....

There are a few photos on flickr. I'm posting from Tara's laptop and Picassa, so there hasn't been much post production done on the photos. I'll clean them up when I get home.



Carolyn said...

Cool photos. Glad you are having a good time. I look forward to seeing some more.

The current score at your house is:

Pippin 1 - George 0

They had a run in and Pippin got George to back down after minor injuries. (nothing a batman band aid couldn't fix) I think George tried to fill a dish that was a little too close. Tonight we will bring oven gloves! (just kidding)

Anonymous said...

George...I know exactly what you're saying about Pippin. I tried to bring groceries in one time at Tara and Richard's old place when they weren't home. Pippin stood up on his hind legs and growled. He really wasn't intending to let me pass by. He's one smart kitty cat!!! I admire takes real courage to tend to Pippin :) All the best with it....Linda.