Saturday, August 23, 2008


Our sod arrived yesterday. Four skids plus another 15 rolls.

We started laying it down at 3:15. At 6:45, Tim and Vanessa showed up and we ate dinner (Tara's brother and his wife). As soon as we finished dinner, Dave and Linda showed up (Tara's dad and mom) and we put them all to work. We stopped when it was too dark to work.

We started again at 6:45 this morning and were done by 9:00. All the sod is laid, rolled and watered.

I am 100% exhausted. I can hardly move without some muscle tensing up and and telling me that moving 3+ skids of sod was a task I should have paid someone to do. But I rarely listen to my muscles.

Today was spent visiting, recuperating and moving the sprinkler. The lawn looks great. Thank you so much Tim , Vanessa, Dave and Linda.

Laying sod is hard work. Who knew?



Nick Matthews said...

Looks good though.
You sound lucky though. Laying out three skids of sod might be easier than moving to the other side of Kitchener, including appliances.
That said, it will save several hundred dollars. Fun fun.

Anonymous said...

Very, very nice.

On a much more insignificant note, my 3rd party iPod aux jack also worked out swimmingly.