Friday, May 02, 2008

Photo stroll (with a side of harassment)

Today is the last day of my week off. The weather wasn't great for photos (overcast, diffuse, flat and boring), but I went out I anyways. I strolled through downtown Kitchener for a few hours this morning and got a few good photos.

I also got a little bit of harassment. After I took a photo of Budds clothing store storefront, mister Budd himself came walking out and demanded that I tell him why I was taking photographs of his store. Seems he worried about people doing that - I'm not sure why. Perhaps he is concerned that I'm with a property developer or that I was staking out the joint for a Ocean's Eleven style robbery. I don't know.

After convincing him that I wasn't with an organization and that I didn't have a business card, and after talking a bit about his store front he calmed down a bit. I still don't think he believed that I was just a photographer who likes to take photos, but there wasn't much more I could do to convince him.

Anyways - that was at the end of the morning. I got a good number of decent shots before he fouled my mood. A few are below (more on flickr).


the Doug said...

Nothing like a little bit of paranoia eh?

I did a little research awhile ago about photo laws in Canada. This is one of the best sites I found.

Richard Siemens said...

Thanks Mr. The Doug - I've been looking for something like this. Most of the ones around the web are US-centric.

the Doug said...

I'll be looking for more stuff like this, but for now, I've printed this out and will have in my bag...