Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Speedy return!

I tried my hand at some long exposure shots this weekend. This is what I got.

See those two purple blotches? No, that's not aliens, that's my camera sensor screwing up and inserting light where there is none.

So my beautiful d70s is off to the shop to get repaired. I hope.

[Update - the next day]

So it turns out that
a) This purple splotch thing is common. It's called Amp Glow and it a design defect in the camera. It can't be fixed.
b) Blacks Photography didn't know this and was going to send the camera to be fixed anyways. Booo.
c) There is a setting on the camera that can help. It basically takes a second picture with the shutter closed and then does a subtraction from the original.

So I have my camera back and it is still defective (but I can live with it until i can afford a D300)


Snides said...

But I LIKE the purple light :).

Nick Matthews said...

Glad to hear you got your camera back so soon.