Tuesday, August 01, 2006


We've been looking at furniture for our new place. Over the weekend we saw a bench like this at Bowring:

I whipped up this plan in Google Sketchup (it's a great, free tool). Right now the plan is to build it out of 2x2s entirely with with mortise and tennon joints (that'll be a first time for me). After it is done, we'll get some leather or nice fabric and make a seat for it.

I'm going to prototype it in pine. If it works out and we can stain it a nice colour I'll leave it at that. If not then I'll modify the desgin and perhaps go with a differnt species; cherry, mahogony, maple, or maybe even hemlock.

I'm hoping this project will be more succesfull then my other current woodworking project: a cherry canoe paddle. That's been a 5 year endevor with no end in sight. I need to bite the bullet and get on that one as well...

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